What is Caritas?

Caritas is a long term recovery centre with a specific focus on addiction, mental health, prevention and public education - and has been working to help some of our society's neediest members for more than 25 years.  The program is "the only one of its kind in Canada" which addresses the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs of a human being in a highly structured "therapeutic community" environment.  The Caritas 25-month program is well known for its great impact in achieving a total change in lifestyle.  Caritas graduates leave the program with a new appreciation for life and the ability to overcome its obstacles.

In addition to the assistance Caritas provides its residents, the organization also provides weekly support meetings to provide the families and friends of those suffering from addiction a place where they can turn for guidance and advice.

With government assistance only accounting for one third of its total budget, most of its funding dollars are derived from individual donations, service clubs, foundations, and corporate sponsorships.

Visit websites at www.caritas.ca and caritasfoundation.ca for more information or contact: 416-748-9988.